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STORY OF A LIFE PROJECT – “A personal dream”

Raven is the creative mind behind the label which was born through effort, love, energy and the commitment to create his own unique project. A philosophy which can be seen reflected in each of his collections.

Born on the magic island of Ibiza, his family moved there in the early 70’s. Raven has always been in contact with the fashion world, being the son of Dutch designer “Elisa F”, an important reference in the ibicencan fashion scene.

Although fashion became second nature he decided to concentrate his studies in graphic design and for several years he studied between London and Barcelona.
It wasn’t until returning to Ibiza his interest in fashion awoke.

His natural talents combined with the skills learnt have served to adventure into the project “Ravens View” allowing him to combine both graphic design and fashion equally.

Sus productos en GreenLifeStyle
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