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Kuyichi Pure Goods is a group of Dutch people who love denim and love the world. We make jeans for people who enjoy life and value life. We think life should be fun for everyone. The people who make our clothes want to enjoy life as well. That’s why we choose sustainable materials and suppliers that produce in a fair way.

Our journey started in 2000 in Peru, South America. The founders of Kuyichi – NGO Solidaridad – were exploring the cotton industry in Peru and were shocked by the pollution and poverty they saw.

The alternative was organic cotton. Without the use of toxic chemicals, and with a better life for cotton farmers. The most commonly worn product made of cotton is a pair of jeans, so we started making 100% organic denim.

At Kuyichi we believe in taking environmental and social responsibility for our actions.

This includes more than making just good products at the right price.

We want to give a positive impulse to the garment industry by choosing organic and recycled materials.

We select our suppliers with care and want to improve conditions in this industry.
Since the beginning of Kuyichi in 2001, this has been the core of our company.


All the cotton we use is 100% organic cotton. Organic crops are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Organic cotton is 100% pesticide free. Pesticides pollute soil and water, killing wildlife and harming communities. Creating organic cotton yarn reduces CO2 emissions by 60% compared to conventional cotton. It is also better for the people who work with it and for your own skin.

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