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Eco Fashion in Barcelona

GreenLifeStyle is more than just organic clothing. It represents a green lifestyle and that is what we promote. Ethics in fashion and respect for the environment is what primarily governs our activity and drives our passion.

We are an ethical and sustainable fashion store in Barcelona which looks to work with independent designers who create and produce their collections in Europe. These certified pieces of clothing are made under strict sustainability guidelines using 100% organic natural fabrics.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

For the Global Organic Textile Standard. This is a global textile standard for organic fibers, which also includes ecological and social criteria. The aim of the standard is to ensure organic standards everything from the harvesting, through the manufacturing process to the labeling in order to offer a credible global certificate to the consumer.


Is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of producers and workers .

Timeless collections

We are drawn to classic styles because we believe in timeless fashion. We do not follow trends , we follow designs. All the pieces that you will find in our store are defined by great designs and high quality materials.

Our customers are independent, confident women who value not only quality and organic fashion, but who also value a minimalist lifestyle.

This minimalist lifestyle and respect for our environment is one that is demonstrated in all aspects of life with the aim to leave as minimal an impact on the planet as possible.

A bit about me

Carolina Simón founded GreenLifeStyle in 2011 due to her concern of the impact of the textile industry on the environment.

Since its establishment, she has struggled to spread the message that “another mode of fashion is possible” . The journey has been a challenging yet important one as GreenLifeStyle was the first certified organic fashion store in Spain.  An achievement Carolina is very proud of. She truly is a pioneer.

Always a lover of fashion, Carolina could no longer condone the waste in the fashion industry.

At present Carolina could not be prouder of the fashion industry and the movement which not only create awareness around waste but also implements changes to reduce our footprint on the planet.

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